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Unleash your inner radiance: Discover Prabhai- Dress by Me

Prabhai – Dress by Me” isn’t just a dress boutique; it’s a gateway to unleashing your personal style. We firmly believe that every woman deserves a dress that seamlessly reflects her unique essence, enhancing her confidence and grace.

What sets us apart

Craft Your Dream Dress: A Collaboration With Purpose

Unlock Your Sartorial Vision:

This isn’t just about a dress; it’s about unleashing your unique style. Dream up your perfect piece, whether it’s a whimsical cocktail dress or a timeless evening gown. Choose your fabric, select a style, add personal touches, or simply share your inspirational photos. Our design team will be your partner in every step.

Experience Unparalleled Expertise:

Let our seasoned stylists and tailors guide you. Their keen eye for detail will translate your desires into a flattering, comfortable dress that embodies your individual style. They’ll work closely with you to ensure your dream becomes a reality.

Indulge in Quality Craftsmanship:

We are proud to partner with skilled local artisans who utilize premium fabrics and meticulous techniques. From impeccable stitching to flawless construction, every detail is carefully considered, guaranteeing your dress is a cherished treasure.

Celebrate Your Individuality:

Forget mass-produced styles. Share your vision, and we’ll transform it into a garment that reflects your personality. Whether you crave a statement everyday piece or a timeless evening gown, we cater to diverse styles and occasions.

Empower Local Talent:

Your choice empowers more than just you. By choosing us, you invest in your dream dress and support local tailors, fashion artists, and embroidery artists. Join us in celebrating their creativity and discover the magic of fashion with a purpose.

Your dress your story

Imagine maxi dresses cascading around you and inviting carefree getaways. Step into vibrant lehengas, swirls of intricate embroidery transforming you into the center of festive joy. Own the moment with sharp power suits and shoulders so confident.

With Prabhai, each dress is a brushstroke on your personal canvas, reflecting your unique spirit and empowering you to be your most unforgettable self.

Feel more than simply fabric, these dresses become an extension of you. Confidence unfurls like the maxi’s skirt, while the lehenga’s intricate details spark a radiant glow within. The power suit’s tailored fit embraces your strength, leaving you feeling unstoppable.

Dress by Prabhai isn’t just fashion; it’s an invitation to embrace your individuality and dance with your unique style.


Weave your individuality into every thread. Let bold colors scream your story, each hue echoing your passions. Delicate trims whisper personal flair, like secret messages hidden in plain sight. 

Embolden your voice with statement accessories, or let the dress itself be your masterpiece, its silence speaking volumes.

Beyond Trends, Forever You 

Forget fleeting fads, your chosen dress transcends trends. It becomes a treasured narrative, whispering stories of laughter-filled beach walks, the intoxicating dance of vibrant celebrations, and the quiet satisfaction of personal victories. With each wear, a new chapter unfolds, weaving memories into its very fabric. 

This isn’t just a dress; it’s a living archive, waiting to be filled with your unique tale.

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With Prabhai, it’s not just a dress; it’s an expression of your authentic self. 

Visit us today and embark on a journey to discover your perfect dress.

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